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Keep things simple!…. Clothing is a critical part of making a wonderful portrait photo. I would suggest that you bring a number of outfits (clothing), so that you can change during the shoot, to give you different looks. Wear casual, classic clothing, free of logos or bold patterns. Bring your favourite jumper or jeans if its cold or a floaty dress or shorts if its warm. Bright colours look amazing, so if you have a crazy item of clothing or favourite colour, then bring it along! The key is to wear something that reflects your personality and most of all you must be happy to wear it. If you are doing a group photo shoot, then try and keep the some style. One simple stye is to have the group all wear white tops and jeans or black trousers, this is a common option by many groups or families. If you do wear lots of patterns with bold colours or logos, in a group or on your own. The image will look very busy and the focus will not be on you, which is after all you are the mean subject and not all the extra stuff. Just remember your photos are all about you or your group, so let it be that way. less is more…..

  • wear solid colours
  • bring a outfit change or 2, 3
  • bring things like accessories e.g. hate, scarf, different shoes or jackets etc
  • don’t wear bold patterns and bold colours together
  • don’t wear clothing with logos on it
  • don’t wearing of sunglass or sunglass on your head, during your sitting if outdoors.
  • don’t have lots of items in your hands or of your arm during this sitting.

Lighting and timing of a photo shoot is critical, especially, if you wish to be photographed outside a studio setting.
The best time and lighting conditions are early morning just after the sun rises and late afternoon before the sun sets. This is what is known as the “golden hour”. It gives you a very soft and golden glowing light although this is not always possible, I would then suggest you pick a location that has some shade, e.g. tree, or covered areas.

Yes, a deposit is on all photographic sitting, accept passport and visa and ID photos. All deposits must be paid in 3 days from the date of your welcome pack, we do ask that you pay at the time of your booking if at all possible.  No payment of deposit, no photo sitting. If booked late you may be ask to pay the deposit on the day, before the photographic sittings starts.

The easiest way is to use the website using the booking form, your are also welcome to email or phone your booking through.  We will be in contact with you for more information and to talk about your needs.

Yes, A-Z Photography has a very friendly and professional makeup artist, that can be arranged by us.

Please be advised that this does cost extra. As she does a number of photographers in Perth, its important you give us as much notice as you can when you book your sitting. The makeup artist can be added to any photo sitting package or deal, this also includes web specials and promotions.

Yes you may, please limit the number to 1 friend only.

Please make sure your friend is just there for support and not getting in the way of the photographer or any of the staff. Any off putting friend, support or member of the family will be ask to leave and sit else where.

Photo can be taken in your favourite location e.g. park, beach or in our studio. we can setup the studio at your home location as its fully mobile. Please note. Fees may apply on some locations e.g. Kings Park, state or national Parks, these fees will be past on to the customer.

Yes, in most cases unless stated you will receive a cd/dvd of the images that you have chosen, these images are in 150 dpi jpec format printable to a max size of 8″x12″, in some case the images on CD / DVD are non printable. If you would like some prints made then please feel free to order them.

You may order prints, photo books, photo albums, etc by using the online order form. When we advised regarding proofing, you would have received instructions on how to order your images etc. If you are having problems ordering your prints etc please contact me. we will be more then happy to help you through the process.

We only hold the images on our hard drive storage system for 3 months, as from the date of the sitting. After 3 months your images will be removed and destroyed from the hard drive storage system. So please order your prints, photo books and canvas prints etc during these 3 months. We are happy to hold on to your images for longer if need, we do ask you please inform as of this ASAP e.g. when you book or when you order your prints.

Firstly you will receive an invoice. We would ask you to pay on the day but you can use one of the following options as well.

  1. Sitting day or on collection. Pay be cash, cheque or efpos, master or visa card.
  2. Send or on the day pay by cheque or money order made out to A-Z Photography
  3. Using Bpay using your debit / credit card via internet or telephone banking (Details on invoice)
  4. Pay with Master or Visa card over the telephone P:0428 480 324
  5. Via a direct deposit from you bank account (details on invoice)

Yes we are happy to do this but this is limited and will only do TFP/CD (all images on CD) Which are under a number of conditions.

  1. A-Z Photography is under no obligation to do TFP/CD and reserves the right not to allow a client to do TFP/CD at any time.
  2. 4 hour photo sittings is the max amount of time given to TFP/CD.
  3. Only 1 photo sitting session of TFP/CD will be allowed per client.
  4. A model release form must be signed by the client before leaving the photo sitting location. Allowing A-Z Photography full use of your images as seen fit by us. No signed model release form NO TFP/CD.
  5. Full payment of p&h or delivery fee, before leaving photo sitting location.
  6. Editing of images with photoshop is limilted, to colour correction, cropping and black and white and small amount of marks removal. No Slimming, re colouring or any other major editing will be done. If major editing etc is ask for, this will be at a cost of $20 per image.
  7. If the client cancels his or her TFP sitting with out a good reason, you will sent an invoice and be ask to pay for min of 3 hour of our time, at the current rates of the day.

Yes, in most cases you can print from your cd or dvd, just check the label on the inside of the cd cover this will tell you if they are printable images. If you are able to print the images on the cd / dvd, they will be in 2 different formats 1st is medium jpec res at a 150dpi, 2nd is high jpec res 240dpi. You are allowed to print from the cd / dvd for private use only, with no limits unless you have a business agreement to allow printing for business needs. Please see your terms and conditions on the back of your confirmation letter or email for more details.

Under our T&C you do give us permission to use your  images, in ways  like website, facebook, printed flyer or in the portfolio.  You of coarse have the option to opt out, by advising us before signing the T&C page,  we will show how to opt out.   A-Z Photography may also  use other ways of getting permission in writing,  by there modeling agency or a model release form.  If you have questions about the use of your images please contact us on by phone 0428 480 324 or email

Yes, no need to worry. We welcome every body to our studio and you are given the same TLC as every body else. A-Z Photography is gay / lesbian friendly place.

Yes,  we can do events or corporate events as a day rate or as a hourly rate. Please just be aware that these rates don’t included any images e.g. on CD / DVD or printed items. These items would be extra,   please just ask when you contact us regarding these extra items.

No,  all Western Australian drivers license photos must be taken by the Australia post or the dept of transport office, as these are digital images that are print on to your license.

If that should happen and A-Z Photography where the once that had taken your photo.  Then please contact us ASAP on 0428 480 324.  We will do the photo again free of charge.